Youtube Logo History
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Youtube Logo History

It has become the largest used platform among the young generation. This icon is getting a complete makeover day by day. After years, the designers for the first time emphasize its vision on the play button of Youtube. It changed the complete video content of our times. In the recent logo of Youtube, one can find out the prominent presence of white screen along with the play button of red colored. This entire iconic feature is placed upon the wordmark of Youtube in black. In the recent logo, the logo has introduced a color scheme and a completely different typeface.

As per the development of the logo, the designers decided to make a simple take on the design. Such simplicity and the flexibility on the design were thought of making the app completely accessible across any interface. Recently, the visual culture has gone through a complete revolution. Our visual experience has changed with the introduction of smartphones. Youtube has buzzed its popularity among the young generation with completely accessible video content. In the logo, the designers thought of introducing different features with the logo. It is not the single platform that promotes video content, but it wants to grab the attention of most of the users with its uniqueness. Since its inception, it focused on the concept of YOU and Tube using the Alternate Gothic typeface. Earlier the word “tube” appeared on the icon of television. The company earlier thought of as an extension of televisual experience. Within a few years, it had completely changed its value of content. In the year 2011, the logo got its cosmic panda experiment. This year, the company first displayed the contents of video channels on the very home page as the central column. In the year 2013, the background color of the word “Tube” become lighter with the darker black shade of You. In the year 2017, it had introduced its significance in terms of the logo with almost black in color. This year, the comment section was also updated and making it more user-friendly for the users. The word “YouTube” means a personalized visual experience. The company has focused on utilizing this idea while developing the varieties of the logo.

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