Twitter Logo History
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Twitter Logo History

Twitter was not the name initially back in 2006. It was 'twttr' inspired from a popular photo sharing platform flickr. We can find that from the first tweet made by co-founder Jack Dorsey. The logo that they designed at that time was nothing similar to what we see today.

first tweet in twitter

Year 2006

For its official launch in 15 July 2006 they went to graphics designer Linda Gavin and was just given a day's time for completing the logo. A new name 'twitter' was given and they came up with a better logo.

Year 2010

Now the famous bird named 'Larry the bird' was introduced in the logo. It ws named after the famous NBA star Larry bird.

Year 2012

This is the last modification they did in June 5, 2012. Now they named it 'Twitter Bird' icon and the designer Douglas Bowman revealed that it is the mountain blue bird. Still now it is one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

Meaning of the logo as a whole

In normal english 'tweet' means the chirping of small or young birds. Therefore, the logo has a bird and that's what exactly happens throughout the day in 'Twitter'. Everyone tweets everytime they feel like and the social noise continues in the branches of the internet.

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