Privacy Policies - The Marketers' Voice



Welcome to The Marketers' Voice (TMV). We would like to explain our mode of activities in order to give clarity about our privacy policies. We are 100% comitted and dedicated to protect all the users' privacy. We mention few of the information that we collect when a user visits our website.

  • We don't track your IP normally, but if you visit our website it might get automatically tracked in the analytics tools that we use.
  • If you opt for our 'Browser Push Notification' service then we need to track your IP address in oprder to give you a personalized experience.
  • If we run any online survey or if you opt for our subscription or any other forms of service, we assure you that we don't sell your data to any person, company or organization.
  • At times we take 3rd party services to get our things done smoothly. We don't take any responsibility of privacy if it occurs from their end. All you can do is that you can inform us if you find anything like that and we might take the necessary actions upon some discussion as soon as possible.
  • We believe in safe browsing.
  • We might use links to other websites. But, we are not responsible for their content or privacy issues. It is the users responsibility to open those sites. But, we always try to link to some reputed and high quality sources which have minimum or no chance of such activities.

What We Do With The Data That We Collect?

We normally collect users' data from various paid and free analytics tools. The data that we collect consists of activities that our users do in our website, social media pages and other digital assets. Then these data are sent to our respective teams to analyze and generate ideas or strategies to offer you all something better interms of content or service.