McDonalds – A Case Study Of 37,855+ Stores Worldwide
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McDonalds – A Case Study Of 37,855+ Stores Worldwide

In 1940 it was primarily a hamburger restaurant founded by Richard & Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. The turning point came when Ray Kroc purchased it from the McDonald brothers and gave it a new shape.

Lets check few points about the current status of this brand. 

  • Over 37,855 outlets
  • Serving 69 million customers daily
  • Present in 100+ countries
  • 2nd largest private employer with around 1.9 million employees
  • Sells 75 hamburgers per second worldwide
  • 1 out of every 8 employees in USA is from McDonalds
  • Largest private sector employer in UK
  • Largest distributor of toys in the world
McDonalds in comparison with others

The SWOT analysis of McDonalds:


  • Updated menus with a wide range of food.
  • Fast service to the customers.
  • Internationally acclaimed with worldwide presence.
  • Customized food innovation as per regional taste specifications.
  • Highest valued fast food restaurant brand so far.


  • Negative publicity on their food quality in terms of being unhealthy.
  • The jobs over here are mostly low paying and don’t require a very high skill set. So, most of the employees don’t take it seriously. So, retaining them for long is not very much expected.
  • Very much health conscious individuals try to avoid their food.


  • They serve on 1% of the world’s population.
  • They can more innovative recipes as imagination has an infinite boundary.
  • They have options to provide healthy & nutritious fast food.
  • Expand their market in growing countries and in first world countries where they have less outlets.


  • They are facing strong competition over the years.
  • If questions arise on their food hygiene then it is really a matter of concern.

USP of McDonalds

Their USP lies in fast delivery of food consistently with a high efficiency in repeat ability at an affordable rate. They also have a brilliant ability to blend regional food fascination with their menus in the respective countries.

Promotion Strategies

Every brand has their own way of promoting themselves, so does McDonalds as well. They are crystal clear about their brand's positioning i.e. kids, teenagers primarily along with busy business men or executives. There are various sentiments that this segment has like for a kid, his first experience matters a lot that generates likability and quick addiction for that place. For a teenager relaxed hangout at pocket friendly rates is what he will be looking for. They have perfectly positioned there brand among their TG. Let's see some of their key strategies and activities that they have done so far in order to go ahead. 

  • The model they chose is a franchise model. It ensures higher success rate with an opportunity to expand your brand faster.
McDonalds Business Distribution
  • They implemented the local cuisine preferences in their menu. For eg, ‘Aloo Tikki’ in India and ‘Idaho Burger’ in Japan.
  • To entertain kids they have tied up with ‘Walt Disney’ to provide ‘PLAYING PLACE’ at several outlets. This will keep the child happy and hence the parents will also stay happy.
  • Apart from keeping the price affordable they also provided free Wi-Fi to attract teenagers and college students.
  • They also came up with great slogans and offers like ‘Toys with Happy Meal’ for children. ‘McDonald’s Mein Hai Kuch Baat’ project for the entire family to enjoy the meal. ‘You Deserve a break today’, ‘Feed your inner child’ or ‘Aap ke zamane mein, Baap ke zamane ka daam ’ are one of the most memorable ones.
  • Strategically they were able to use the 2nd P i.e. ‘Place’ perfectly. Almost 50% of all their outlets in USA are about 3 mins from the distribution center.
  • They came up with cool outlets where you can order food from your car and get it delivered in the next counter without getting out of the car. These outlets were generally setup near highways and petrol pumps.

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