Logology – The Psychology Behind Logos
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Logology – The Psychology Behind Logos

TMV: A logo is a brands identity. These evergreen identities are prepared by great designers and visionaries all over the world. A logo represents a brands’ as well as the regions’ culture, but in the era of globalization when the world is on your lap or on the desk’s top or in your palm, we can see some monumental creativity and message through different logos from every corner of the world.

A question must arise that how are those created? A simple answer is, just by understanding the psychology of the target audience. To understand the psychology behind logos, one needs to break down it’s dynamics like the colors, font, design, elements used, etc. A deeper dive into these concepts will give some clarity. Let’s see the image below that shows the colors used by different international brands.

It is very much evident from the above pic, that colors are one of the primary things that draw your attention first before anything else. That’s why different colors are used in different creatives based on the theme, motive and message it tries to convey. So, it is very important to analyze few colors and try to justify their usage. This is a small attempt to explore the RGB’s variations.

RED: This color relates to anger, blood and things like that. It is the best color to convey a message of excitement and passion. Something very loud and attention seeking can be expressed using red.

BLUE: The ruling color of logos and banners is used frequently all over the world. It is a symbol of trust, loyalty, dependence and maturity. Anything written in blue is often taken seriously.

YELLOW: The color of light and Sun can never be avoided at any cost. Yellow generates optimism, positivity, clarity and energy. A brand using this color is expected to be friendly and easily accessible.

GREEN: Growth or a go ahead move is often represented using green. Not all brands in every industry use this color. Real estate and the health industry are the most appropriate counter parts of this color in the arena of logos and ads.

VIOLET: One of the prominent colors in the rainbow is used in things that are meant to show something creative and wise. A glimpse of feminity is also perfectly blended with wisdom when this color is used.

ORANGE: A popular sweet fruit has this color as its name. It is one of those colors which is very hard to ignore. Brands trying to share the message of friendliness, confidence, cordial behavior, cheerful nature seem to use orange.

PINK: This is the color which represents feminism. It is an unwritten rule that girls always like to have a pink color in their bucket list. The two most preferred characters in their life, the teddy bear and the Barbie doll are seen in this color. Pink shows a gesture of luxury, cuteness, youthfulness and updated.

BLACK: Negativity is often represented through black. Positivity seldom goes with this color. But it is needless to say that it’s the most used color ever in the colorful history of human civilization. Things that are clear, economical and genric are expressed using black for eg, the newspaper.

GREY: Classical, balanced, calm and mature gestures come out when this color is used. Some of the path breaking brands loves to represent themselves through this color.

A color matrix is shown below to give clarity on the most popular color combinations.

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