Instagram Logo History
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Instagram Logo History

Instagram is a medium of where the people share the picture. It has completely changed the definition of visual perception of the spectators. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram first developed the concept of the logo of the app. Earlier, the logo shows the Polaroid camera icon. Mostly, we use Instagram to create stories out of pictures. It has introduced completely a different kind of visual content for us. The first use of this Bell and Howell Polaroid camera back of 1940 became the logo of Instagram. Systrom again did some brainstorming sessions with his fellow designers before coming to the next logo of the app. In the next icon, one started using hashtags for often. Hashtags become the new status statement for the daily users. In the updated Instagram we find out different kinds of features like Boomerangs, Layout, and Hyperlapse. The developers of Instagram actually want their users to use these advanced picture editors on the single platform. Now the users are highly obliged to access all these editing forms on the same platform.

In the original logo, one noticed different features like viewfinder, rainbow, and lens as appealing majorly. The designing team of Instagram tried to explain how the users get connected with those of iconic features of early Instagram. In the recently updated Instagram logo, one will never find the texture of that feeling which they used to get from the Polaroid shaped earlier logo. The developers substantiate their point of developing simple iconic features in the recent app for easy navigation throughout the app. So firstly, it takes time to make acceptance of such a sudden change in icon. With time, the users can also start accepting this newly developed logo of Instagram.

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