Importance of Persona Marketing
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Importance of Persona Marketing

To expand your TG in the business persona marketing is the key. This is a part of market research that one should rigorously do in order to stay in the competition or may be ahead of the competitors.

What is Persona?

It is a blue print of a key segment of your potential audience (lead) inside your TG. These personas of potential leads can be a market indicator for better conversion and ROI. It consists of almost all the necessary information about all your leads that can help you grow your business. You can call it to a combination of bio-data, feedback and customer profile. One can set up successful marketing strategies and campaigns based on the information available in the personas. This can be a game changer in your business growth.

What should be included in the Persona?

Lets have a look at a very common persona template.

Buyers' Persona example

Apart from some basic information like name, occupation, contact details, yearly earning, etc., few other important things must be included depending on your market.

  • If you are a brand of a very competitive market then it will be the best choice to know what are the preferable competitor brands that your leads are choosing. This can give a clear idea about the product or service preference of your TG. You can align your product line or service in par with the most prominent competitor brand.
  • One thing must be figured out is that are your leads ending up buying from the brand which is their most preferable one? If yes, then your competitor is really doing well with both the brand’s voice and its products or services. But if it is no, then there is a problem with the most preferable brand’s communication and you will always have a chance to get some of the consumers and change their preference.
  • It is a common practice to note down pain points of every leads with respect to the industry. Try to follow if any common pain point or expectation is coming from too many leads. Then it is an indication that you should start working on those factors because that is the next thing which the market is going to demand from brands like you. As they say ‘An Early Bird Catches The Worm’, so be an early bird and try to get the most out of it.

How can buyer’s personas be helpful?

We all can understand the importance of buyer’s persona as it is one of the key things in inbound marketing strategy. So, these are some of the reasons why personas are an important part of your market research. If you can create a great persona database for your brand, it can be the epicenter of growth.

  • Better understanding of the industry demands.
  • Identifying the mentality of your TG.
  • Gives a clear indication of personalized demands
  • Get new business growth ideas using the pain points
  • Get new product or service ideas
  • The loyalty level of your consumers
  • Somewhat idea about the latest status of your competitors
  • Other innovative insights through in-depth analysis of the persona profiles

Now, use all these collected insights and plan your marketing campaigns accordingly to get closer to the pinnacle of success.

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