Google Logo History
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Google Logo History

Industry: IT (Search Engine);  Established: 1996

Year 1996

In the year 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed the algorithm of Google while they were studying at Stanford University. The two entrepreneur thought of web search engine called BackRub and designed the logo.

Google First Logo - BackRub

Year 1997

In this year they replaced the name 'BackRub' and named it 'Google', a mispelling of 'googol' which means 10100.

Year 1998

Larry Page and Sergey Brin finally launched the most popularly used web search engine GOOGLE and launched the first logo of Google.

Google Logo in 1998

Year 1999

They were not pretty satisfied with their existing logo and decided to modify it. So, the approached Ruth Kedar, a Stanford assistant professor. She designed few proto types and kept the modification on.

Year 2010

Google decided to update the logo. Mostly the color of “o” was changed to orange from yellow. The logo also removed its drop shadowing effect. 

Year 2015

This time the logo changed drastically due to the popularity of smart phones and introduction of voice searching practises among the users. In this logo, it focused mostly on the primary colors. The rainbow colored “G” became the part of smartphone app as well as the favicon for the websites. For voice search purpose, microphone icon had been used. From Catull typeface to Product Sans typeface, Google tried to infuse youthfulness in its logo. This unconventional step has been taken by the largest tech company just to prove its legacy in the market.

Meaning of the Logo as a whole

Today all that we can see is that the RGB is very much prominent in their logo. But what message does this logo convey? We all know that every color in the universe is a combination of RGB. This logo also tells us that every type of information is available in Google. Isn't that simple yet so creative?

In terms of doodle as well, Google always tries to be creative. Its innovative doodle always attracts users globally. More than 2000 doodles have been created all across the world by Google to celebrate important days. This tech organization always wants to attract the sight of the users with its creativity.

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