7 Most Important Google Algorithms
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7 Most Important Google Algorithms

Google, the most prominent digital market indicator has grown a lot and have been able to provide unmatched search experience through its set of important algorithms. These algorithms have given better searching experience day by day.

Now standing in the Google era what we feel is that a rank achieved by doing SEO is an asset for any brand. So, all marketers should be keen enough to have their brand’s website get ranked in different relevant keywords by doing SEO. For this to happen in reality you need to have some knowledge about the different algorithms that Google implements while showing its search results.

1. Panda Update

The effect of this website can be seen regularly because this update was meant to de rank websites with thin content. Few important things that it checks are

  • Plagiarism
  • Internal duplicity
  • User-generated spam
  • Stuffing keywords
  • Bad user experience (high bounce rate, low page visit duration, etc.)

Safety measures: Check in copyscape (plagiarism check), siteliner (internal duplicity check), keyword density checkers (keyword stuffing check), Google Analytics report checking (bounce rate, page visit duration) to take precaution measures to stay safe from this algorithm’s penalties.

2. Penguin Update

There have been 7 Penguin updates so far. This algorithm de ranks websites with low quality, spammy and manipulative backlinks. Few important things that it checks regarding backlinks are

  • Quality of the backlink
  • Are those links naturally created
  • Are those links coming from relevant sites
  • If the links are paid or not
  • If the link’s anchor text is over optimized with keywords
  • Are the links created from PBN (Private Blog Network) sites

 Safety measures: Never create unnecessary irrelevant backlinks for your website. Don’t go for paid links and don’t generate too many backlinks in a day. Try making it look natural. Please be sure that the website which will give you a link should have a descent DA (Domain Authority). Always keep an eye on your backlinks like if a competitor is trying to do blackhat SEO by creating bad links for your website, please disavow those links as soon as possible.

3. Hummingbird Update

This update brought a notable changed in the search market. The main motive of this algorithm is to go beyond keywords and deliver better search results by actually understanding the intent of the user’s search query.

Safety measures: Don’t create duplicate and keyword stuffed content. The main aim should be to provide useful information to the users in details. Try to cover up every necessary point related to a topic. Don’t just make it focus keyword centric only.

4. Pigeon Update

A new trend was added with this update. This algorithm gives priority to the users’ location while searching. It made local search results more prominent and perfect. Few important things that it checks regarding location are

  • Optimization status of the web pages
  • Listing status of the business in Google My Business
  • Consistency in NAP (Name, Address & Phone No.)
  • Local citation status

 Safety measures: Optimize the web pages perfectly with details mentioned in the content about the locality of the business. Keep a consistent NAP in all the submissions that you do and make sure that it matches with your Google My Business Listing. Try to get ranked in map ranks by doing map SEO for local search queries.

5. Mobile Friendly Update

The use of mobile devices has grown to a great extent. So Google rolled out this algorithm which says that those websites which are mobile friendly (responsive) will be given priority in ranking. Few important things that it checks are

  • If the web pages are responsive
  • Speed of the website in mobile devices

Safety measures: Make all the web pages responsive in design. Please make sure that the pages load faster in all mobile devices because Google gives priority to this feature. The use of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is gradually rising to make pages load faster in mobile devices.

6. Rank Brain Update

All that we see in the search results today are the contribution of this update. It is a modified version of Humming bird update. It is a machine learning system that tries to understand better meaning of the search queries and it also checks the response of the audience to the web pages and modifies the rankings accordingly. Few important things that this AI feature checks are

  • If the web pages have relatable content as per the search query
  • After the users visit the website, what they do, how long do they stay, etc.
  • Technical features related to the user experience

Safety measures: Try to create valuable keyword targeted content that improves user experience. Fix the on page SEO issues related to user experience like the loading speed of the website. Try to add a lot of variations of the focus keywords to make it a keyword rich content, but please don’t stuff keywords. The best way to get the most out of this algorithm is to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in the content and give outbound links to reputed sources which can create a value for the visitor.

7. Fred Update

It is a pretty straight forward update which says that it will de rank or adversely affect those websites which contains a lot of ads, affiliate links and ad centric low value content.

Safety measures: The precaution measures one can take on this account are to create value driven content for its users. Don’t just think about earning money with low quality content by writing it for the sake of writing on a particular revenue generating topic and pushing a lot of affiliate links over there. Don’t put too many ads on a particular page. Create more pages by mining content at the best level and put relevant ads over there. It can improve your ad’s CTR as well.

These 7 most important Google algorithm updates and its solutions are good enough to get you a better presence in the organic search market through SEO by applying 100% white hat techniques. We are waiting to see your site in the SERP.

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